How Assisted Reproductive Technology can solve the problem of childlessness ?

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) –  A ray of  hope for childless couples

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  1. Introduction
  2. Trauma of being childless
  3. Assisted Reproductive Technology


Birthing a child is an important life event for majority of the couples. The ultimate pursuit of happiness for them is holding their child for the very first time. Certainly, the feeling of having a child cannot be matched, and so is the distress that comes along with the tag of being ‘childless’.
Couples often feel incomplete without a child, which begins to form an emotional baggage weighing more with the time passing by. Childlessness can impact spousal relationships, cause distress and also unleash a wave of questions by the society.

Being childless ‘not by choice’ is mentally draining, having a major impact on the lives and identities of both men as well as women. A current study revealed that having children had a great impact on life satisfaction and social support of the couples and that they have the trait of conscientiousness in common.

Trauma of being childless

The trauma of being childless has been acknowledged by medical reproductive sciences, and through technology, couples having discordance between fertility intentions and outcomes can have a strong chance at childbearing. Assisted reproduction techniques such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), have been able to remove the physical, cognitive and psychosocial consequences of infertility or unintended childlessness.
“Fertility treatment represents one of the great triumphs of modern medicine. Causes of infertility that were incurable just a generation ago are now readily corrected,” says medical expert and professor, Zev Williams.

Assisted Reproductive Technology

The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) are providing a new ray of hope to childless couples, helping them fulfill their biological role of parenthood. Dr Gautam Allahbadia, an IVF specialist and head of the Millennium Medical Centre (MMC) IVF Dubai, says, “IVF is an effective procedure for solving the problem of infertility. With the treatment available, couples can plan their family and have a greater degree of choice, and control over pregnancies”
ART covers a wide spectrum of treatments that stimulate pregnancy, including IVF PGD, embryo testing, donor egg, donor sperm, and gestational carriers. The couples can opt for either of the treatments after evaluating the underlying cause of infertility, and incongruence, getting the ideal treatment.

With the introduction of advanced fertility treatments, the plummeted birth rates have risen. More and more couples are now receiving the priceless happiness they didn’t think was possible. The treatments not only help couples bring their child to the world but also preempt any genetic anomalies or illnesses in him.

About the Author  –   Dr Gautam Allahbadia is an IVF Specialist in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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    ART is helping infertile couples in experiencing the happiness of being a parent.

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