IVF Success Story No. 6

Mrs. SD had suffered from abdominal tuberculosis at age of 22 years and was on antituberculosis treatment for over a period of 1 year. Her husband Mr. JD also had diabetes for over 5 years.

The couple was trying to conceive since 4 years and Mrs SD was seriously worried about her irregular cycles. She already had undergone 3 cycles of ovarian stimulation with Clomiphene Citrate. They came for their first consultation in the clinic when wife and husband were 32 years & 36 years of age respectively.

The first consultation with thorough check up diagnosed a 1.5 cm polyp arising from cervix and she underwent a Hysteroscopy with polyp excision along-with laparoscopy in the same month at Indo Nippon IVF under expert care. Laparoscopy showed filmy adhesions at multiple places and distorting tubo-ovarian anatomy, which were taken care with adhesiolysis in the same sitting. Hysteroscopic endometrial sample was tested with TB-PCR and was found to be negative.

Her polycystic appearance of ovaries, increased number of antral follicles & raised prolactin levels warranted treatment & a proper stimulation. A conventional IVF with antagonist protocol was designed for her with recombinant FSH 150 IU/ day and agonist trigger was chosen. The cycle had a yield of 15 good grade (A) embryos and 4 B grade embryos.

All the embryos were cryopreserved (ACCUVIT) and a remote cycle transfer was planned 1 month later. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome was prevented taking all the precautions at all the steps.

Within 4 months of her first visit to the clinic, a frozen embryo transfer with 3 A grade embryos was planned and resulted in successful outcome in the first attempt itself.

Their dream has come to the reality and beginning of new year 2016 has blessed them with two little, most beautiful treasures in this world, a boy and a girl.

The infertility treatment was holistic and aimed at all possible factors.

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