Women leaning towards IVF to achieve their dream of motherhood

Women leaning towards IVF to achieve their dream of motherhood

Infertility often does seem to burden a woman’s mental and physical well-being. But with reproductive sciences bringing IVF into the picture, the prayers of women, who have been grieving, longing, and waiting for motherhood, have lastly been answered.

At MMC IVF, Dubai, Dr Gautam Allahbadia, a leading IVF expert, uses evidence-based fertility treatments to help women get pregnant in their initial IVF attempts. Talking about how IVF has helped women become mothers, Dr Gautam Allahbadia opines that with the treatment, we have been successful at human assisted reproduction, and also treat several fertility-related issues that affect both men and women of all ages.

The doctor credited the treatment as nothing short of a blessing for women, helping them break conventions, and become mothers when they deemed right. IVF today aims to provide care that is based on scientific evidence.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia explains that although IVF has been tremendously successful, it does not refrain from having certain limitations. “It is important to understand that IVF is not a miracle solution; instead, it is the most successful treatment when all other fertility treatments have failed.”

Therefore, experts can make efforts to drive the success of a well-planned IVF cycle and reduce the number of cycles patients need to undertake to have a baby, but even with IVF, age is the most crucial factor that determines success. “Even in the best of circumstances, IVF is successful only about a little more than 50 percent of the time. Many women need several treatment cycles, and age is a powerful factor when it comes to reproductive health,” says Dr. Caleb Kallen, an M.D, and Ph.D. infertility medicine.

When it comes to treatment options, ART offers aplenty. It works on the ideology that everyone should have a chance at parenthood and therefore is open to people of all ages, medical condition or sexual preferences. So what is the ideal option for someone wanting to opt for the fertility treatment?

“The best option varies from person to person. For one, egg freezing may be an ideal strategy. Or ovarian tissue, while considered experimental, is available as well,” says Dr Kallen, who also specializes in fertility preservation for individuals.

Advances in reproductive medicine are only continuing, and physicians and researchers are truly helping women in every step of their way in overcoming the challenges posed by infertility, with constant guidance and support.

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