Your body is giving you ovulation signs, and its time you start tracking!

Your body is giving you ovulation signs, and its time you start tracking!

Keeping a precise track of your fertility can definitely improve the chances of pregnancy, believe fertility specialists. While fertility tracking is a great way of understanding your own body, it can also be effective in mitigating any hormonal abnormalities in both the genders. 

“Once you know your own personal fertile window, a simple change in timing can increase the likelihood of a positive pregnancy test,” explains Dr Gautam Allahbadia, a senior reproductive endocrinologist and an IVF expert. If there is an underlying fertility issue, the change in your bodily signs can sometimes help you notice that something is wrong, and needs immediate medical attention.

You can then understand the problem better and communicate it better to your dedicated fertility specialist, who can then further diagnose the problem though it’s associated symptoms. Talking about the signs to look out for, another fertility expert, Gretchen Mayer, says “Apart from keeping a period check, there are these common signs which include ovulation, basal body temperature, Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels that direct you towards the most appropriate time for you to get pregnant.” 

Identifying when a woman ovulates can help them time intercourse to further improve the chances of conceiving. Most women have a “fertile window” of about 5 days ending a day after ovulation. Although, having unprotected sex within 3 days of ovulation gives you the highest chance of achieving pregnancy. The medical sciences have improved, and we now have several ways to identify whether and when a woman is ovulating, says Dr Gautam Allahbadia 

Additionally, the basal body temperature, which is the core body temperature, is an important determinant. During ovulation, the temperature may rise slightly (usually by about ½ a degree). Another key hormone that is piqued during pregnancy is the luteinizing hormone (LH). Although, it wasn’t traceable initially, but with advent of home tests, women can now measure their LH levels. LH surges trigger the start of ovulation, and the most fertile period of the menstrual cycle.

The last thing a couple would want is to waste their valuable time, because the sooner they seek help, the better chances they have at pregnancy. As for assisted reproduction, fertility tracking can prove to be really beneficial as it helps doctor decide the treatment course for you. The treatments can work as a trial-and-error process before you can be sure about the method of pregnancy assistance which will work for you. 

However, nothing can replace a one-to-one consultation with an expert. With an experienced fertility team by your side, a couple can get a clear diagnosis, treatment plan, and the quickest route to parenthood. 

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