IVF Success Story No. 5

Mrs P and Mr B had been trying for a baby without success for five years. They were subjected to numerous tests and treatments over the period of these five years. During this time they underwent multiple cycles of planned relations and an artificial insemination cycle as well, sadly with no positive outcome.

They visited us in 2014 and were straightaway directed for IVF Lite protocol. Even though Mrs. P was only 33 years of age, her blood tests and ultraonography pointed towards an aging ovary & poor ovarian reserve.

First cycle of IVF Lite + ACCUVIT gave a modest response of 2 good grade embryos and a second cycle of IVF Lite + ACCUVIT with 6 good grade embryos helped them bag the enough number of embryos.

She conceived in the second embryo transfer cycle after this with 2 Grade A embryos with a healthy twin pregnancy.

Fast track to IVF and choosing the appropriate IVF Lite protocol gifted them their joy of parenthood . The 5 month old twins, a boy and girl, have filled their world with immense happiness.

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